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What is Luxe Bag Rental?

Are All Your Items Authentic?

Where Are You Based Out Of?

How Fast Is Your Shipping?

What Is The Condition Of Your Items?

Where Do You Deliver?

How Do You Ship Your Items?

How Do You Ensure Items Arrive Clean To Your Clients?

Where Do You Get All Your Items From?

Is Luxe Bag Rental Associated With The Luxury Brands Displayed On Your Website?


What Countries Do You Rent To?

How Long Can I Rent An Item For?

How Many Items Can I Rent At Once?

Can I Come Pick Up A Bag For Rent If I am a Local Client?

When Does My Rental Period Start?

When Does My Rental Period End?

How Do I Return My Order?

When Am I Supposed To Return My Item?

What If I Am Late Returning My Item Back?

Can I Extend My Rental Period?

What If I Receive The Bag And I Don’t Like it...Can I Return And Get A Refund Or Switch To Another Bag?

What If I Want To Return My Bag Back Early? Will I Get Compensated The Difference?

Can I Lend The Item To A Friend During The Rental Period?

Do I Need To Clean The Items Before Sending Them Back To You?

What Happens If I Damage The Bag?

What If I Receive The Bag And it Already Has Some Damages To It?

What Happens if the Item I am Renting Gets Stolen or Lost During the Rental Period?

Will I Be Charged For Minor Wear And Tear Like Small Corner Scuff, Small Scratch, Small Mark?

Why Do I Need To Pay A Cleaning Service Fee?

Can I Buy An Item That I Am Renting?

Can I Rent If I Don’t Live In Canada?

How Do I Become A VIP Member?

Do You Offer a Shorter Term Rental Period?


Why Do I Need To Verify My Identity If I Am Not Renting A Bag?

What Happens If My Item I Lent Out Was Stolen Or Lost Or Damaged?

How Can I Trust Who My Bag Is Being Lent Out To?

When Do I Get Paid?

What Happens If My Bag Doesn’t Get Rented Out?

What Happens If I Want My Bag Returned To Me?

How Long Can I Keep My Bag On Rent For?

How Much Do I Make If I Rent Out My Bag?

Do I Need To Ship My Bag To Your Company In Order To Rent It Out?

Luxe Bag Rental Account

How Long Does It Take To Receive An Approval For My Account?

How Come My Account Was Not Approved?

Do I Need To Verify My Identity Every Time I Log In?

Why Do I Need To Verify My Identity?

Why Do I Need To Verify My Bank?

Is There A Credit Check Involved In The Verification Process?

Is There Any Hold On My Account Or Credit Card When I Rent?