Covid-19 and Delta Variant Prevention

Here at Luxe Bag Rental we are taking extra precautions when it comes to keeping our community safe. We have implemented the following measures to ensure our borrows and staff are preventing the spread of the virus.

1. All incoming return rentals are first safely cleaned and disinfected at our spa (Luxe Bag Spa) which is owned by Luxe Du Jour operating out of the same 9,000 sq ft corporate head office.

2. All outgoing shipments are also disinfected before being departed.

3. All employees handling any items are expected to sanitize their hands before and after contact with any handbags.

4. On a daily basis, our cleaning team disinfects and wipes down every counter, handles, key boards, mouses and equipment often touched every couple of hours.

5. All employees are expected to wash their hands frequently throughout the day.

6. In our head office, every team member has their own working station or private office where everyone is separated by a minimum of 2 metres.

7. Half of our Marketing team remains working remotely to prevent unnecessary crowding in the head office.

These are the measures that our company has implemented to protect our community and prevent further spread of Covid-19 and the Delta variant. We will not stop implementing these procedures as we find it just sanitary and beneficial for everyone going forward. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our current policies please contact our customer care at 1-833-746-7589.